Flip Clock repair

As you can probably guess, I have some expertise in repairing flip clocks.

I offer a service where I try (unfortunately, there is not a 100% success rate) to repair your (flip) clock. My repairs start with a processing/research fee of 65 euros. Should you decide to not have your clock repaired or maybe I am unable to repair your clock for whatever reason, all you pay is 65 euros + shipping. When you decide to go ahead with the repair, you will pay the 65 euros + whatever more costs there might be for repairing your beautiful clock.

The cost of repairing itself can vary, but they usually start @ 20 euros for a minor fix, should it become more complicated and possibly involve the use of spare parts, these costs of course will go up, but I will always give you an estimate on forehand.

Should you have a clock which needs repairing, you can always send me an email (info@flipclock.nl), please state the brand and type of flip clock and when possibly send me a pic of the clock and try to state as clearly as possible what is the nature of the problem.

Some of the repairs you can have me do are the following:

-Replace a broken light in your flipclock  РAround 25 euros without shipping
-Restart a motor which stopped working (sometimes it is dust, sometimes you have to replace a chainwheel) – 25 to 75 euros without shipping
-Make your beige clock white again, it works for most clocks – Starting at 30 euros without shipping
-The motor in your flipclock is making a lot of noise? I can usually fix this! – Starting at 25 euros without shipping
-Repair broken off flaps, this is 10 euros for one or two flaps, bigger quantities to be discussed, shipping cost to be added