April 2018 – New name and moving shop again 🙂
No, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Ireland is my home now and will be so for some time to come…
Since I’m not living in the Netherlands anymore, I felt the domain not fully appropriate anymore and am gradually changing the website to (for now this links to Furthermore I am combining all of my cool clocks into my Etsy shop, to be found here:
If you do not have an account on Etsy, nor do you want one, don’t worry you do not need to create an account to be able to purchase one (or more) of my beautiful clocks!

My new business card, cool eh!?

August 2017 – Moving shop!
In September/October 2017, me and my shop will be moving from the beautiful Netherlands to the even more beautiful Ireland! Logistically the move is a challenge, but you can rest assured that I will keep on repairing, selling and buying flip clocks! My shop will be closed for sales and repairs for a few months, but I hope to re-open in November…

If you want to order a flip clock, you can do this until the 27th of August, after this my shop will be really closed!

(unfortunately, no, this will not be my new residence 🙂 )

March 2017
Did you already know that I am a master @ repairing and selling Maxi-Swatches? Besides Flip clocks, Swatch is one of my vices. My first ever watch was a Swatch and since then I have been hooked.

You can find all Maxi-Swatches which I have for sale, in my Etsy-shop (click to visit!). I will offer different models every now and then and I even offer a replacement clockwork (Swatch does not offer this option).

November 2016
Besides the actual flip clocks, I have also designed and printed flip-clock-postal-cards. They are unique and there are (for now, atleast) 15 different designs! They are printed on heavy duty 330 grams paper and are the official postal card size (148x108mm). Send me a message if you are interested or just check out my Etsy shop. Below two pictures which show all the designs:

June 2016
For your comfort and for my peace of mind, I have added a link to my Etsy-shop to the website. Please do not forget to look back at my Etsy-shop every once in awhile to make sure that you miss nothing of the absolutely cool items that I list there which are must-haves to accomplish your even cooler flip clocks that you have or do not yet have and must buy from me 🙂

March 2016
I found a couple of gems, mint, new in their original packaging! Two off the Copal 231L flipclock, white (not off-white, white!). The first one went super quickly, don’t wait too long if you have an interest in this beauty (I know you have, I know what you like :-). Click ‘shop’, click ‘flipclocks’, click ‘Copal 231L’ and click ‘Add to cart’.

January 2016
Don’t forget that I can repair your flip clocks! I have a lot of experience, boxes full of spare parts and the right tools to fix your flip clock! I am also interested in buying your flip clock… Have anything to sell? Send me a picture + description and I will make you a fair offer!

November/December 2015
Order your clocks for Christmas now! All orders received and processed in November and December 2015 for more then 100 euros get free shipping anywhere in the world! Come on, what are you waiting for? This is a deal that you cannot let pass by!

September 2015
I am opening up shop (again)! In the past, I have been selling 70ies design and flip clocks on my website called I have decided to focus on flip clocks this time because this is the part of the 70ies which I like the most and also simply because you cannot have/do it all…
Throughout September and October, I will be filling the webshop with products. If you cannot wait, please don’t and order something. If you want to see the lot before ordering, please be patient, by the second half of September, I expect to have everything online.